EbrationPeople give and receive cards and cash gifts

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All of us would love to collect all the cards and wishes you ever received together in a single place forever. E-Bration helps one organize it and carry them around anywhere they go. A unique idea for organizing memories of love and wishes, E-Bration is a platform where users can receive and send greetings, wishes, cash gifts, thank you notes. When E-Bration approached Fullestop with the idea, we quickly understood that it is a unique idea with matchless potential for great web design and user-experience. Fullestop used a design that’s reminiscent of celebration evoking a feel of glee and bliss. Beyond the aesthetics, we integrated extensive features that helped the users organize their gifts and wishes according to dates as well as use E-Invites, E-Cards, Memoirs E-Books, E-Gifts, and E-Thank Yous. We integrated an option to receive cash gifts for couples and transfer it to the bank accounts on the user profiles. As with many projects at Fullestop, the client was beyond delighted at the final website render. We, Team Fullestop, went back with a content heart, as well.

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