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All of us would have sold or bought a used car once in our life. There is no doubt that the entire ordeal is a challenging one. The unorganized nature of the industry can raise issues such as lower-than-expected price, bad vehicles, misleading vehicle specifications and performance details and more. This was a challenge that UAE Car Market looked to resolve. UAE Car Market wanted to develop an online marketplace where people can come together to sell and buy used vehicles. We conducted extensive industry research focused on the UAE market to understand the challenges faced by both sellers and buyers. Based on the insights, we developed a dynamic website that thrived to offer immersive buying and selling experience for everyone involved. We ensured that the site loaded seamlessly on different devices and platforms. The client was extremely happy with the way the website came out for not only its aesthetic value but also for its functionalities. For Fullestop, it was another project that was delivered based on our client-centric development approach.

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