Dr. Sunita ShisodiaWell-known gynaecologist

#HTML #CSS #JavaScript

A well-known gynecologist-obstetrician, Dr. Sunitha Shisodia practices at the Surya Hospitals with years of domain experience. She was looking to build a platform where patients can come from any part of the world for medical consultation with her. However, she needed the resources to realize this idea and came up to us. We sat with her for a couple of briefing sessions where we fleshed out the idea and the features it must have to deliver a unique consultation experience for the users. Impressed with our pitch, the client wanted us to work on it. The website and the application allowed both the users to have control over sessions as per their convenience. It provided options to choose the apt schedule for consultation and to download the prescription right onto the user's phone. We made the app more interactive with a feature that lets the patients have video chat with the doctor. Both the website and application were brought alive exactly as per the client’s vision and Dr. Shisodia was beyond delighted. So was the Fullestop team.

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