NDCCertification service management

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Upskilling is extremely important for aspiring professionals and everyone wants to add a few extra, relevant skills to their profile as it would enhance their chances of career growth. Therefore, NDC Management decided to offer a gamut of certification courses for aspiring candidates to bolster their skill sets. However, what they did not have was a robust online platform where they can offer their training and certificate programs to users. The objective of the web application was to create a unique web resource where users can come to and attend classes to get certifications at the end. Fullestop worked on creating a scalable platform using our development expertise and advanced content management technologies to render impeccable user experience and seamless interactions between the users and the technology. The platform used various systems and safety protocols to ensure the privacy of the users and abided by industry leading quality standards. The web app performed exceptionally well during the app, which delighted the client, as well as the Fullestop team who worked on it.

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