OsmindiasClassified advertisement website

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With ecommerce on the rise, local businesses find it hard to meet the challenges of the e-commerce giants. However, OSM wanted to create a local online classified business that gave ample opportunities for local businesses to sell to local buyers. The brand required a robust platform that can take care of the traffic and huge number of transactions that might happen on the site. Naturally they approached Fullestop for our exceptional service delivery and expertise. We devised an extensive project execution process that took care of the design, the architect, and the development of the site with a hands-on approach. We used resources for the website for its seamless technology-human interactions. We also ensured that the details shared on the website are protected with state-of-the-art data security and privacy protocols. The website’s performance on various platforms was a major element that we kept in our mind during development. Fullestop was also delighted at the final render of the site as much as the client themselves.

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