SnapiviteWedding Management Website

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Snapinvite had the idea of figuring out everything related to a marriage in a timely manner without taking away the fun of everything that goes around a wedding. Although weddings are a moment of bliss that will linger in everyone’s life throughout, the stress and hard-work goes into making it a moment worthy of fond memory is beyond challenging. Snapinvite wanted to make everything easier, organized, and enjoyable with the help of the website’s planning support. As the client wanted to get a team having immense industry exposure and expansive technology infrastructure, they approached us with the project. They wanted such a website that can provide holistic support to plan everything there is about a wedding hassle-free. While we adopted an extensive development approach, the design philosophy was much more subtle while demonstrating the core aspects of a wedding—which is a union not just two individuals but of two families. The client really loved the design approach. Our team for the project included experienced design professionals and developers with customer experience strategists. The website came out even better than expected, and the company, a recurring client for our services.

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