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Hands-on learning experiences are most important for a student to develop the right skills, expertise, and industry exposure. Gaining these can change the careers of students in no time and Student Circus helps students with that. With the project to create a database of value-adding internship options and jobs for international students, Student circus approached Fullestop for a website that can bring international students and internship options and jobs under the same umbrella. We went ahead with the project understanding the needs of students, employers, and universities to craft a comprehensive website that met all their requirements perfectly. The site was endowed with numerous options for job and employee searches, with the help of enticing design and robust functionalities. Our team worked on the site using the latest design tools and development technologies to fully realize the vision of the client to its best version and did it come out way better than expected. Another exceptional project delivery, another delighted client, and another experience of satisfaction for Fullestop.

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