The aim of Direct Coins website is to facilitate the users who look forward to add high quality modern Australian coins and other numismatic products to their collection. So as to make the user experience more tempting, the site utilizes a competent shopping cart enabling the users to order the deliverables solely via authorized services and sources. Nevertheless, the price factor is always a vital issue for both the customers as well as the business owners when it comes to purchasing online in contrast to the conventional buying. Therefore, to establish the site as a trustworthy source of coinage and numismatics, wholesome security and internet privacy precautions are adopted, thus providing a secure online purchasing experience. The site aims to strictly adhere to the following:

  • Availing the users with high quality modern Australian coins and numismatic products
  • Ensuring the sale at the best reasonable prices
  • Putting forth the security and internet privacy
  • Commitment to sustainability
  • Achieving customers' trust by delivering on promises


In the simplest words: Direct Coins represents an online hub for the numismatists. To summarize, ‘Direct Coins’ targets Australian audiences who look forward to making online purchases for high quality Australian coins and numismatics. The website does not limit the scope of visitors to the coin collectors but extends beyond that from fulfilling the purpose of a large investor to a small gift to the loved ones. Consequently providing the visitors with a common ‘coinage’ platform where all the forms of modern numismatics could be purchased at a single spot. This omnipresent approach took the site beyond the reach of just coin-collectors but made it equally popular among the various business investors.
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  • The user-journey had to be flawless throughout allowing the visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for along with the ability to search for their desired products, much more quickly, easily and dynamically.
  • Overcoming competitor sites in the market was another challenge; hence there was a need to increase the connectivity of the site with consumers.
  • Ensuring the safety of the site was a big concern as the financial transactions had to be carried out smoothly and securely.
  • The backend of the website had to be scalable and robust to handle the dynamic information added on the site along with ensuring that the hardware requirements do not hinder the speed of website load.


At the preliminary level, the aim was to accomplish a design which at the very first instance seems startling to the users.

  • The most user-friendly technology was used on the website along with the firm implementation of advanced customized methods.
  • The code was audited and optimized to handle the data dynamically.
  • The website was designed to capture the essence of the products offered on the site along with a userfriendly interface.
  • A shipping calculator was improvised on the Shopping Cart page. The calculator provides accurate shipping rates to the users’ destination for the selected items.
  • To make the site more interactive the social networking media pages were designed and integrated to increase user mobility over the site i.e. Facebook and Twitter.
  • To increase the visibility of the site over the search engines, the architecture was designed to be SEO friendly. Google analytics script was integrated in the code.
  • To keep up the users with their latest activities over the site, email notifications were sent to them for successful submission of orders, shipping status of the ordered products.
  • Efficient search functionality was availed to the users for easily tracking their desired products on the site.
  • The site is SSL secured certified by Geotrust.


The website displays the numismatic products in their full glory. The website is fully responsive and extremely fast loading providing a consistent user experience through the user journey.
  • Integration of best technologies
  • Sound user experience
  • Functionalistic ease
  • Attractive theme and styling
  • Structured categorization and presentation of information


Target Audience

An Australian owned online business – Direct Coins targets the Australian audience varying from passionate numismatists to large investors.


Fullestop executed a sound implementation of “Direct Coins” as per the requirements of the client.

Acknowledgement by our patron

What our clients had to say on the successful delivery of the project- “The way team Fullestop helped us to overcome our difficulties is very commendable and praise worthy. They very competently came up to our expectations. To excel, hire them”

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