The idea was to create an online e-commerce portal for wide variety of personalized baby and kid’s products. There should be a platform which set customers free from the hassles of endless trips to the malls, getting stuck in the traffic and long queues at the billing or cash counters. The system will enable users to find and view quality baby products which they could trust and buy. Every e-commerce website makes its way out of the crowd by its display efficiency. So, a better product display which let users easily identify what they are looking for, in a vast product inventory display is a mandatory feature. So, there was a prime goal to provide a clear display in spite of having a vast inventory.

The website would incorporate the large amount of images without making it look cluttered. The colourful theme of the website will encourage viewers to explore all that the website would offer.


Fullestop developed a platform for selling various kids’ products, in a user friendly e-commerce interface. The system is intended for the sale of various products like: Clothes, Sleepwear, Accessories, Nursery Collection, Storage-Bins, Play mats etc. The system included numerous extensions to provide the users an interactive buying experience. Kadam Baby is a robust platform which also includes following features:

  • Promotion offers and codes for a specific time limit
  • Sending filtered mails for promotions, offers and discount
  • Solid back-end which provides smooth transitions, safe payment feature, etc.
  • Various tags for the products carrying some offer.
  • Updating prices and stocks via CSV
  • Support for the colour change, and quick view features, to provide a better e-commerce experience to the users
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  • Creating an interactive UI for the unique approach Kadam Baby needs.
  • Working with the architecture of Magento and its management system
  • Solving Magento extension conflicts, like zoom and color select
  • Fixing simultaneous working of conflicting widgets and extensions
  • Stock and price updates via CSV
  • Adding time limitations in promotion codes (expiry of the codes)
  • Developing a robust e-commerce platform


Fullestop has developed a clothing based e-commerce platform that is:

  • Simple, fast, and quick e-commerce solution
  • Offering a user friendly & organized product display
  • Quick in operation with fluid transitions
  • Robust and minimal


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