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Smart Seha

Online doctor consultation app
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Healthcare services are sought-after by everyone because we all want to stay healthy. Sometimes, we may be able to go to a clinic and are stuck with some other commitments, but need some healthcare advice. That’s a real challenge. Smart Seha solves all those concerns. Smart Seha is a personalized healthcare service companion for the users to find the best doctors, healthcare experts, medical services no matter where you are. It provides inclusive medical consultancy support for numerous healthcare concerns Fullestop worked with the Smart Seha team to create a one-of-a-kind and technology-driven healthcare platform akin to a virtual healthcare clinic. We integrated the application with a multi-layer support system where the users can not only call a doctor but also gather second medical opinion. We kept the goal of the app and the services it offers in mind, which helped Fullestop create a superior app that was easy to use and navigate, remarkably functional and feature-rich while being aesthetically impeccable. Safe with extensive technologies to protect the privacy of the users, Smart Seha is built using cutting edge data safety protocols.

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