TarGetAppService Provider Application

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Everyone loves to get cool personalized notifications on offers exclusively from the physical stores of their favorite brands when they are nearby the store. And this was the exact idea that Target App was built upon. The app sought to bring personalized offers and discount plans to its users. When the client approached us, having realized the potential of the application, Fullestop decided to develop a feature-rich app that empowers users to receive most suitable offer recommendations from their favorite branded showrooms. We finalized the UI and functionalities of the app after extensive industry research to ensure that using location-based data from users to notify about offers is beneficial to the consumers. Fullestop created a user-centric app that helped consumers receive a curated range of offers and discounts without invading their privacy using various advanced technologies and development approaches. Target App turned out to be quite unique satisfying our client immensely and we added one more delighted client to the long clientele list with an unmatched level of commitment and deliverance.

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