Nobel Bio Care

was looking to offshore data entry partners to help them manage their website and save time and money. The website was in constant need of updations of content to ensure that it have the most accurate information for customers.
Fullestop provides them with quick and accurate data entry services as it understands that website is brand’s showcase and an important tool for communicating with potential clients. Fullestop provides web data entry services that are fast, reliable and cost effective.


Nobel Bio care firmly believes that the best marketing tool is a satisfied patient.

Immediately, Fullestop put its qualified team consisting of engineers and technical editors to work with regard to this project. With the help of Fullestop’s excellent training regarding quality norms, our implementation team was able to work with a 90% quality level which was maintained throughout the course of the project.

‘A more effective and informative website was provided to the customer which maximize their revenue tremendously. After outsourcing their data entry services to Fullestop, they have benefited from reduced error rates and fewer mistakes. In all the data entry services that Fullestop provide, it ensures that customer’s business value and growth increases.
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FulleStop took some initiative steps for maintaining the decorum of Nobel Bio Care Website:

Vital information related to the products, services like authentication tool, customer programs, instructions as well as courses such as fundamental, advanced and complex treatment were to be maintained in databases. The method of implementing a solution and development approach both played equally important roles in the success of the solution.

The project was to enter a huge amount of data consisting of different type of content like text, images, and video and manage database related to them. The existence of duplicate records was also a major concern. Regular refreshing of the database had to be done to maintain accuracy to the highest degree. This gave rise to the need of a sizable value addition to the existing taxonomy.


The improvised website was more user-friendly and had a simplified approach to it. Fullestop gave a quality of over 95% as against the customer's requirement of 90%. The customer received excellent benefits from the databases and managed data with regards to the project. The overall quality and quantity aspects of the project was enhanced. Within the scheduled timeframe, Fullestop was successfully able to complete the assignment.


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