The goal of Nobel Bio care is to provide incisive edentulous solutions. The primary focus of the website is to set rigid standards of excellence by letting people discover, understand and utilize rich new dental care solutions and improvisations in a purposeful and meaningful way. Aim is to provide a remarkable experience to the people who are looking forward to teeth implants. The website provides a forum and community, which emphasizes on conveying and exposing information on the countless new options available to the people pertaining to dentistry. It acts as a practitioner’s choice for high quality dental solutions.

Thus, the developed application meets the various clinical and esthetic needs assists of the visiting patients. Along with this, the site offers the dental professionals a complete range of dental solutions and treatment concepts. The prosthetics present safe, predictable and user-friendly approach that provide natural looking look and feel along with maximum functionality. Sumptuous courses and training are offered to achieve high quality of services to provide the patients with the most beneficial solutions.


Nobel Bio care firmly believes that the best marketing tool is a satisfied patient.

‘Nobel Bio care’ works on the strategy to meet the needs of the patients along with the dental professionals relying on domineering keys which include effective customer care solution, innovation and operational skills. The purpose is to excel in developing such methodologies, which avails the people with a satisfying experience. The customization of technologies makes the experiences unique along with a sheer contentment.

‘Nobel Bio care’ is one of the numerous examples, which establish the fact that if a site is worked upon by a discerning team skills, it could lead to an extensive reincarnation as a whole. The website not only allows the patients to visit and get the superlative examination and diagnosis but also allows the medical practitioners to explore the dentistry world.

“Fullestop” was awarded with the responsibility of maintaining the decorum of the Nobel Bio care website. The work was perceived as a sumptuous feast by team Fullestop. The team further went on to implement and improvise expert skills and methods in managing the content of the site. The site required a very rapid and swift procedure to attain persistence and get back on the track as per the flow requirement of the client. Methods and tools were implemented so that each intended module of the site could be granularly worked upon. The site underwent a complete overhauling in terms of the presentation and design in order to come up to the expectations of the client. Up till now the site is being kept up and maintained by Fullestop.
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FulleStop took some initiative steps for maintaining the decorum of Nobel Bio Care Website:

  • To develop the site as a unique platform to bring together various users including patients, dentists and the corporate masses.
  • The preliminary step was to give the site a visually appealing, sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing design including rich and informative content for an enhanced user experience.
  • To implement new technologies and expert skills that will help users to emphasize on the awareness of tools and technologies implemented by dentists.
  • To design and develop the site carefully to cater the search engines optimization features.
  • To add forum and community, that would emphasize on conveying and exposing information on the countless new options available to the people pertaining to dentistry.
  • The next challenge was to avail a great navigation to allow visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for, much more quickly and easily. To achieve this design of the site needed to be sublimely dynamic and vibrant.


Primarily, the tasks performed by team Fullestop were the upholding of the various aspects of the site. From an outer perspective, one may overlook the complications of the work as it seems to be quite a simple assignment. However, the following implementations resisted the resonance of the tasks with the implementation.

  • The tasks were more of ‘face-to-face’ implementations as the offered work was needed to be integrated hand-to-hand on the site. This required faster response on behalf of the team.
  • Numerous were the tasks like alterations in multimedia elements like text, audio, video as well as the design as compared to the execution time offered. Hence, even though the changes were small, but so was the deadline.
  • The work was to be done on the PVN (Private Virtual network) of the client, which required the constant usage of a dedicated resource at all the times irrespective of day and time.
  • All the tasks performed by the team were first tested and verified on the client’s local server and only after the validation of all the tasks was put to live.
  • As the tasks were not implemented locally and everything was done on the client’s server, there was an obvious difference between the duration of time required to perform any task as compared to the ideal conditions. In spite of this, every job was completed before the estimated deadline.


  • Team Fullestop successfully achieved the objectives of the client by giving attention to minute details of the tasks and understanding the key areas to work on.
  • After a yearlong relationship, Fullestop is still carrying out work for the client and maintaining the website in its full glow.


Target Audience

As a website, Nobel Biocare targets the patients looking for dentistry solutions, dentists and the people from the corporate world.


FulleStop developed the online application for Nobel Biocare by meeting various clinical and aesthetic needs of the visiting patients. The website developed was visually appealing, sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing design.

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