The Client was in need of any online software that would provide explicit early reading instruction that is accessible to parents, in order to help more children learn how to read. The main aim behind developing this dais was to help as many children as possible by providing an online software site that would offer real fun and latest strategies used in effective teaching. The system would be designed for children ages 4-10 who are reading below a 3rd grade reading level, the essential years for learning how to read. The flagship program, ‘Learning to Read Level A,' focuses primarily on Kindergarten and 1st grade reading skills (ages 4-7). It’s based on Common Core State Standards and can be accessed from any computer with Internet access.


The site created an interactive online reading system with easy use and widespread access in mind is having fun, exciting and effective supplement for teaching or reading to children etc. The online software is incorporated with various exciting lessons, online tutoring, games, blogs, testimonials, subscription packages and press releases to support students to gain their reading proficiency skills. Fullestop completed an in-depth application for students by incorporating various online tutorials, lessons and games etc. Our team focused all the main features and developed an interactive online system that is flexible and easily updatable. The clear animated lessons, game format and positive reinforcement are fun and motivating.
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  • To give the website a uniform but creative look that could be updated frequently, the theme and design of the website needed to be professional but contain adaptable visual elements that the client could easily maintain.
  • The site needed to be identifiable and unique but should also fit in with the other features compatibility like flash, games, online tutorials etc.
  • To design the site from scratch and to implement sound research based strategies, educational RTI models etc that should build a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning.
  • To create a safe learning environment where students would be more engaged and should get additional instructions and practice while watching cartoons and playing games.
  • The site demanded a sleek and lustrous user-journey across the website. This was very essential to allow visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for, much more quickly, easily and dynamically.


  • To create an overall “look and feel” and corporate identity for the company that they could use and expand across all of the company’s marketing.
  • In order to provide the paramount solution for the client, we focused on the design and provided custom functions and modules on top of the default framework installation.
  • To innovate a learning management system with certain options of user management, online payments, games and tutorials to captivate students and parents to be part of it.
  • Clear use of right corporate branding colors and images to represent Brand Asset Protection services.
  • Social plug-in were provided to make the site more popular and flourishing like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blogger.


  • The website overall look reflected the company’s standing as a leader in their industry and engaged viewers.
  • The framework used was easily adaptable by client and thus could simply be manageable.
  • The site was an intelligent mixture of LMS features and utilized brand asset protection jargon.
  • The site is created by design experts who understands blending visuals, information and navigation architecture well.
  • It also incorporates a good balance with blog posts. Everything there seems well thought out and planned.


Target Audience

The website is totally a perfect online educational tool to focus the teachers, parents and larger amount of early learners who fell behind their classmates and should gain a foothold in essential reading skills available on the site.


From the desktop to the laptop, Red Apple Reading is breaking new ground, and rising to the top of educational assistance software on the market today. The site has now become a prime resource for potential users to not only learn about Red Apple, but receive detailed information about their top services, better understand their global reach of educational reading system and access latest news information relevant to the industry.

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