The objective was to present an honest and unbiased ecommerce portal which offers unique, trendy and stylish ethnic apparels and accessories according to fashion concerns of people.The system would showcase the wide collection of ethnic wear and accessories having classic and sophisticated style. The system would depict each product as a must have apparel and acclaimed to provide top classethnic clothes and accessories at affordable price.

The website would incorporate the large amount of content without making it look cluttered. The themeof the system would be customized in a way that it reflects the premium splendid products and creatively engaging experience for visitors. The main emphasize will be placed on creating a stronger relationship with customers by implementing an e-commerce system and provide them the products of renowned brand.


Satin Threads is a system designed by Fullestop to enable business by offering best quality products online to the customers worldwide. Customers can cater to a wide variety of ethnic fashion apparel and accessories. It has huge collection of all mentioned items for women and men.It will be proved a platform for societal aspects of corporate social responsibility.The eye catching imagery and attractive UI compliments the visualization of the products.

Fullestop had used cutting-edge technology on this online shopping platform to make it swift for surfing through various product pages. It developed this system to further improve the quality of the products and create a stronger relationship with its customers by implementing an e-commerce system.

Fullestop designed and developed a brand new website with the most practical and vivid e-commerce technology outstanding to the needs of the customers. The objective was achieved by giving attention to most granular details, understanding and realizing the key areas to work on, deploying new technologies to support the idea and committed efforts. Placing an Order Add to Cart Performing the Action The website included the following process:
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FEATURES All the basic e-commerce features are proficiently integrated into the website, like:

  • Increasing the Brand awareness and visibility worldwide.
  • Developing an Eye catchy look and unique product descriptionwith reviews and tags for all the products.
  • Interactive Features like Layered and Faceted Navigation.
  • Offering pleasant visuals of products by providing multiple Images of the product from all angles.
  • Integration of Deal and Discount Section for better User Experience.
  • Providing the Promotional Newsletter to interact with users directly through the Email
  • Integration of Social Networking media like Facebook, twitter etc. to make site renowned in social circuits.
  • Open Architecture to support integration
  • Integration of Multi-Currency functionality
  • Providing a better marketplace place to capture much more business by publicizing the products on internet.


Fullestop‘s task was to research best of breed solutions that would meet the client’s needs, determine the best fit solutions and present them with recommended options.

Following are the challenges Fullestop faced while developing Satin Threads:

  • In Depth Demand Analysis: interactive prototypes + screens.
  • Creating an UI which develops visual flair and interactive features to match the goal and vision
  • Working with the architecture of Magento and its management system
  • Using Magento extensions appropriately to bring out their optimum functionality.
  • Managing Product Catalogue
  • Developing a robust and fully customized bespoke e-commerce platform.



Fullestop has developed a website that offered unusual, high quality products around the globe with following characteristics:

  • Simple, fast, and quick e-commerce solution for satin threads having classic & sophisticated looks to match the product theme.
  • Efficient shopping cart and wish list system
  • Offering a user friendly & organized product display
  • Providing the appropriate UI elements for the specific need which the website needed.
  • Quick in operation with fluid transitions
  • Intuitive and minimal, yet an engaging and interactive platform

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