The objective to develop this system was to empower patients to manage their healthcare and improvesafety by access to the medical experts all the time. Fullestop want to develop a system that should be internet’s most trusted resource for healthcare industry. The system would be innovative that changes the face of the healthcare and provide access to medical attention that should not be limited by physical boundaries.

The system will put users in touch of licensed physician, doctors and healthcare experts. The system will allow users to track and manage their own health by using functionalities like call a doctor, ask a doctor and second medical opinion.


Fullestop developed a system that will provide a platform for patients to consult with a doctor. Patients would be able to register and login them to the system to access the functionalities. Patients would choose the subscription plan during registration and make payment through integrated payment gateway. After login to the system, patients can setup their profile and set reminders for the medications and appointments. The system would be multilingual in nature, i.e., English and Arabic.

Patients can call a doctor through mobile apps for the medical consultation and would be able to ask question from the doctors. Patients would also be able to view nearby hospital/pharmacy through integrated google map.
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  • Testing of third party (Ebix) integration
  • Resolving Paytab iOS SDK issues as it does not support swift language
  • Managing iOS 10 compatibility
  • Integration of Arabic
  • Arabic integration (Fullestop created different layout files for both languages)
  • Changes in Medicine Reminder Functionality


  • Provide all the medical facilities 24*7 to the patients
  • Secure in nature with privacy features
  • Quick in operation with fluid transitions
  • Offering a user friendly & organized images display
  • Robust and having a user friendly UI


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