The idea was to create an online job portal which focus on international students and assist them in finding suitable jobs with UK based companies that are eligible to hire international student in UK. The system will filter and present an aggregated list of jobs from companies which are eligible to sponsor international students for the Tier 2 Employment VISA as for International Students in UK, the current process of finding a job with an employer that can sponsor them for a job is fairly cumbersome.

The idea revolves around the concept of establishing an online job portal assisting International students in finding suitable jobs with the right/eligible/authorized companies before their student visa expires.

It was focused that information or directions being looked for by the visitors was swiftly available with ease. The system would provide information and directions to the visitors in an elegant way where he can find himself connected to the system.


Student Circus is a system designed and developed by Fullestop which will facilitate international job seekers to browse/search jobs according to the industry, location etc. Jobseekers can create their profile, upload their CVs and cover letter and can apply for the jobs. The system offers subscription packages to the jobseekers and they can choose from them according to their choice.
Advertisers/Employers on the website can post jobs according to industries and with all required details. Employers would need to subscribe for a package to post jobs. They can also get access to the Jobs Website CV database but they would have to pay for this.
Admin will register universities from the backend and provide them login credentials. Universities can login to the system through the credentials provided by the admin and manage their dashboard.
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  • Managing the database containing the information and documents of job seekers and employers.
  • Managing the offline banners for the system.
  • Debugging of system after applying large no. of filters for searching the job
  • Testing the website in various user scenarios parallel to the development as the needs are changing rapidly.


Fullestop has developed an Online Job Portal for Job Seekers and Employers, after researching on the requirements, going through development phase and finally delivering a website proved as a corporate aspect of the social responsibility.

  • An efficient ,simple and fast online job portal
  • Platform for interaction between the Job Seekers and Employers.
  • Structured and consistent representation of information
  • User-friendliness and ease of operations
  • Intuitive and minimal with engaging theme.


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