The Back Story

Timex Group UK, is the business unit of Timex Group B.V., a Dutch holding company. It is the corporate parent of several watch making companies around the globe including Timex Group USA, Inc. Businesses and exclusive worldwide licenses include the Timex Business Unit (Timex, 30TTimex Ironman30T, Opex, TX, 30TNautica30T, 30TMarc Eckō30T), Timex Group Luxury Watches (30TValentino30T, 30TSalvatore Ferragamo30T), Sequel (30TGuess30T, Gc), Vertime (30TVersace30T, 30TVersus30T), Vincent Bérard and Giorgio Galli Design Lab. Today, Timex Group B.V.'s products are manufactured in the Far East, and in Switzerland, often based on technology that continues to be developed in the United States and in Germany. The group has operations in a number of countries in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. Many Timex Far East operation wristwatches are manufactured by TMX Philippines Inc. FulleStop got the golden opportunity to develop the site and promote this professional brand on the web to provide a memorable experience for visitors and help them to achieve tremendous business results.


Timex Group wanted to launch the website that should enhance web site’s interactivity and gives it an incredible look that should maintain its branding and lead the market of watches so that visitors feel like to come back to the site for a second look and would like to purchase watches from the targeted site. The main objective of launching the website for UK business unit is to target the UK public and provide them a memorable experience to achieve better business results. To obtain this goal, FulleStop decided to promote the watches manufactured under Timex group in very different way so that the UK public would come to site more than that on other competitors and thus would be the best marketplace to buy watches online.


To evolve Timex as one of the most innovative and dynamic makers of time pieces in the world, the company decided to develop the website which would promote the Timex group in UK that would extolled the value and reliability of the product and brand in a compelling, engaging and spirited fashion. FulleStop took the initiative to design and develop the site with full enthusiasm to make it a huge success by putting in the best of efforts, skills and efficiency. Our team took some preliminary steps to fulfill the client requirements and to establish a brand site so that Timex watches become a household name synonymous with design, durability, and performance to let the general UK public know somehow what Timex means.
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  • To give the website a modern, more approachable feel that should make the user experience as straightforward and logical.
  • By creating a professional brand and a memorable experience for visitors so that Website Source would achieve tremendous business results for Timex group.
  • To define clear site architecture and create a bold, memorable brand for a positive user experience.
  • To develop an ecommerce site with some sections as CMS by maintaining the companies professional brand touch.
  • One of the major challenges was to make the payment system of the site more reliable and flexible by implementing Worldpay payment gateway.
  • The site demanded a sleek and lustrous user-journey across the website. This was very essential to allow visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for, much more quickly, easily and dynamically.
  • The major challenge was to apply cutting edge technologies to help Timex to pursue its long tradition of technological innovation and market leadership.


  • Fullestop started exploring the innovative technologies and researched on integrating them into one single powerful system. Advanced optimization techniques were deployed along with highly refined code and database tricks to achieve a high performance rostrum for the website.
  • Team Fullestop adopted the popular design patterns and selected the open source applications that supported the level of reliability and quality.
  • Beginning with the global navigation and continuing through the content layout of each page, a solid architecture was critical to improving the site's usability.
  • Develop a comprehensive system architecture that supports scalability, robustness and high performance.
  • By architecting the site to be friendly to search engine spiders so that website Source would enjoy increased rankings in major search engines.


  • Good performance and quick page load.
  • Attractive theme and styling.
  • Structured and consistent representation of information.
  • Improved navigation and site hierarchy.
  • Professional and memorable brand identity.
  • Definition of user paths
  • The site was developed in order to maximize its performance, user experience and all important SEO visibility.
  • Designing a positive user experience.
  • The final design of the site has a minimal look and feel with clutter free environment and clear vision of brand identity of simplicity and elegance.


Target Audience

Timex group main focus to develop this site was to generate revenue from the UK market and promote the company to lead their competitors and evolve as one of the most innovative and dynamic makers of time pieces in the world.


FulleStop succeeded in developing a website that fits the Timex group brand image and meets their business objectives. The site is tighter, more focused and offers users exactly the content that they look for from a Timex group site.

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