Vanish was looking forward to create a branding dais where users can view and navigate through their products.


developed the website for Vanish that fulfilled the exact showboat requirement which Reckitt Benckiser were looking for.


The new features and varieties in packaging for Vanish needed new communication mix and thus a complete transformation of the brand website was required. The fact that Vanish is a global brand meant that the implementation of the new product website needed to be done across all its market territories. In the global FMCG environment there is a stress on reducing marketing spend ratios and increasing returns from the same. Implementing the entire project on strict timelines was at the same time a challenge, which gave us an opportunity to exhibit our capabilities.


The Project Phases were:

  • Understanding the Content and Structuring – The new content, structure and creative were provided by Reckitt Benckiser. We incorporated the content within the structure while keeping in mind that the primary objective of the messaging remained untouched.
  • Implementation in various territories – The rollout for the Vanish website is completely global in nature and includes 30 countries which include UK, Russia, Korea, Spain, Italy, Germany, Australia, Poland, and Turkey among others.
  • The Poland version has been rolled out; work on other versions is in progress.
  • Creative and Website Scripting – We had to create scripts and coding from scratch for the entire website based on the newly integrated design and layout.
    • The Flash scripts on the website were important part of the messaging strategy. We created and integrated the applications with the site’s layout based on the requirements.
    • We compressed the flash scripts to bare minimum size, which allowed the applications to load quickly and gave the visitors exactly the feel which Reckitt Benckiser was looking for.
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New messaging communicated with ease – The experience in the new website allows the visitor to feel the difference of the product on stained clothes with the help of interactive flash applications.

Consistent Communication in all territories – Rolling out the same website in all the territories means the communication to the audience is integrated and helps Vanish strengthen its global identity.

Reduced Sales Cycle – The Information search for the target segment becomes easier as the new differentiation features are seamlessly communicated and prospect has awareness of the edge that Vanish has over category competitors.

High ROI – The flawless implementation of the communication strategy for Vanish in terms of the new content, structure, layout and creative across all target territories was done on a highly reasonable price along with quality delivery right on time.

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