The aim was to especially design a fully functioning live website that showcase the information (content and images) related to Voltaware sensor which monitor the energy consumed by the electronic devices and helps in reducing the electricity bills of the consumer. The main emphasis will be placed on attracting clients through easy to understand voltaware sensor specification, a focus on features that makes the company’s services superior to the competition.

Customization will be done to make the website more attractive and visually appealing according to the requirements to capture the viewer’s attention. The theme of the website will encourage viewers to explore all that the website will offer.


Voltaware is a system designed by Fullestop to enable business by displaying all the information related to Voltaware power saving product online to the customers worldwide in a very elegant and attractive manner. It will be proved a platform for societal aspects of corporate social responsibility. The eye catching imagery and attractive UI compliments the visualization of the services. A professionally-designed theme will be fully customized to match the brand and meet the Client's functional needs.
Fullestop designed and developed a brand new website with the most practical and vivid technology outstanding to the needs of the customers. The objective was achieved by giving attention to most granular details, understanding and realizing the key areas to work on, deploying new technologies to support the idea and committed efforts.
  • Increasing the Brand awareness and visibility worldwide.
  • Developing an Eye catchy look and unique Voltaware Services description
  • Open Architecture to support integration
  • Providing a better marketplace place to capture much more business by publicizing the product on internet.
  • Providing the Built –in Plugins for better functionality.
  • Integrating with application framework.
  • Providing easy installation and Upgrades.
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Fullestop ‘s task was to research best of breed solutions that would meet the client’s needs, determine the best fit solutions and present them with recommended options.

  • In Depth Demand Analysis: interactive prototypes + screens.
  • Creating an UI which develops visual flair and interactive features to match the goal and vision
  • Developing a robust and fully customized bespoke platform.
  • Providing good user experience without compromising the theme of the website.
  • Installation of new theme or upgrading properly.
  • Extending the functionality by using plug-ins and managing them in a proper way.
  • Displaying admin dashboard properly.
  • Stay in the competitive market by capturing newer opportunities.


Fullestop has developed a website that offered unusual, high quality services around the globe with following characteristics:

  • Simple, fast, and quick solution for Voltaware having classic & sophisticated looks to match the product theme.
  • Creating a Customized theme which perfectly fit the brand.
  • Offering a user friendly & organized services display
  • Providing the appropriate UI elements for the specific need which the website needed.
  • Quick in operation with fluid transitions
  • Intuitive and minimal, yet an engaging and interactive platform
  • Convey a global presence


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