Cloud Solutions

Critical to any company’s cloud implementation, architecture and automation are integral parts of any cloud service offered. Cloud Solutions offered by Fullestop support both public & private cloud service with a common user interface and API.

Our resourceful cloud solutions are capable of meeting the requirements of developers, IT managers and CIOs. Our solutions are acclaimed for taking complexity out of “the cloud”. Our cloud solutions are secure, easy-to-use, fast, and are designed to run complex & high-performance applications.

Infrastructure : IaaS
We offer on-demand firewalls, load balancers, IP addresses and software bundles. We install your OS image and applications on the cloud infrastructure.
Platform : PaaS
We deliver a computing platform to run your applications. You need not to buy or manage the underlying hardware and software layers.
Application : SaaS
We provide you access to application software and databases, and we manage the infrastructure and platform to run your application.
Cloud Solutions India

Our Showcase

We have successfully created over thousand's of web/apps on every major Browser, Smartphone/mobile platform and every one of them is unique.
This gives us the confidence to handle your project, regardless of your industry and your requirements. We do not just build an project for you; we help you with the strategy, design, development, testing, deployment and maintenance.

Boroplus Russia

‘BORO-PLUS’ - the name if taken even in-front of a 5 year old would instantly be identified as a skincare cream. A product of one of the country’s largest business to consumer firms – ‘Emami’, Boro Plus symbolizes the epitomic success of the firm leading the skin-cream product to be the prime choice of the majority.
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Vanish UK

Vanish is one of the power brands for Reckitt Benkiser. Reckitt as an organization is highly innovative and pushes it’s repertoire of power brands with aggressive marketing.
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Many costumers are less likely to buy from companies who leave complaints unanswered. Now they do not have to worry about their feedbacks. Reportam is the place where customers can give reviews about the company services it will analyze the reviews of customer’s wither it is bad or good.
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‘Spaceble’ - as the name suggests , is based on the concept of online acquisition and procurement which takes place between a landlord and a tenant. In today’s world finding a place in case of an emergency could be very exasperating. People spend much of their priceless time in searching a place for accommodation of their assets.
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TutaPoint .COM

‘Tutapoint’ is a virtual classroom online tutoring website which primarily aims to develop the concepts and understanding of various academic courses provided on the site to the fellow students who seek a proper rostrum for excellence in their respective a reas of interest.
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Hidesign is an internationally successful brand in the “affordable luxury” category. Founded in 1978 as a two person artistic workshop, now has more than 50 brand stores around the globe and is available in all the leading retail chains of UK, USA, AUSTRALIA and A SIA .
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Nobel Biocare

‘Nobel Biocare’ is a global leader, phenomenal in providing innovative, restorative and aesthetic dental solutions.Dentistry being one of the most important sciences of human body has not just expanded in the education field but also has greatly inflated in the business sector.
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Timex UK

Timex group ­ leading watch makers of the world had chosen as their development Partner for their web initiative. Fullestop worked with the Timex group to outline Timex’s eBusiness Strategy and deliver a bespoke solution which would cater to the European market.
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What we do – we offer a range of cloud based services such as


Cloud Storage - Whether your storage requirements are minimal or monumental, we may offer you customized packages for your storage needs. Long term storage, intensive applications & databases, enterprise SSD Flash storage tiers, all are available with us.

Back up & Replication - Fullestop provides Backup and Replication solutions using most promising technologies. The benefits include 10-times faster incremental backup and up to 5-times faster full backup. We also provide off-site replication solutions.

Security - Our Multi-layered security approach ensures your valuable data remains safe & secure with us. Our robust cloud services help customers become more agile, increase reliability and security. Our data centers are located at a fully redundant architecture with automatic failover to ensure flawless server availability.

OS & Applications - We support every Microsoft OS available together with SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and others. We also provide Linux operating systems such as Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu and RedHat.

Load Balancing - Load balancers are used to achieve remarkable application scalability and redundancy. Load balanced Cloud Servers eliminate bottlenecks during peak traffic times and thus help websites achieve maximum uptime.

Remote Desktop - We let you access your desktop and apps from any corner of the word. Our Cloud Solutions make your desktop and applications available online.

Content Delivery Network - Our network of servers spread across the globe enables faster and secure delivery of online files. Files are ‘cached’ and loaded from the nearest 1server, which results in faster load speeds.

cloud based services India

Together with offering a complete suite of cloud solutions, we also offer expert support in data center solutions, networking and converged communication. With our unique operations model, you enjoy versatile, pay-as-you-go, multi-tenant and on-demand cloud solutions.

Our Clients Say

Alert Someone (IPhone App )
“I hired Fullestop to construct a new iPhone app. The app was completed on the date that was originally given. The graphics design was fantastic. The team was very knowledgable of Apple regulations and sought to find solutions when problems arose. To say the least, I am very pleased with their work. I will absolutely have future business for them. ”

Hello Baby
“We have been very pleased with the work delivered to Fullestop. The project was delivered to specification and the team
were very pleasant to work with. ”

Direct Coins
"Overall a great result and very happy with our custom website. We made alot of changes which extended the process and thank the team for their patience. We will use Fullestop on our next project."

Haize Fitness (Android App)
“Great job! I will gladly hire FulleStop again for future projects. They were very competent, professional and attentive in their manner. One of the best levels of communications i've had with an Elance developer. Thank you and keep up the good work!”


Why Fullestop?

  • World-class process and technology helps you utilize the cloud efficiently
  • Network-based allocation of scalable and standardized IT resources
  • Adoptable Service Availability up to 99%
  • Simple and transparent pay-per-use model
  • Optimum security for your data using network security, firewalls, anti-virus and daily back-ups

Business Benefits

  • Reduce costs and increase agility
  • Climate control, power backups and network connection
  • Flexible contract durations
  • Clear pay-per-use model
  • Optimize your IT investment and increase efficiency
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