Ecommerce / B2C Solutions

Fullestop’s fully-fledged ecommerce solutions enable manufacturers and distributors to streamline and grow their ecommerce channel. Whether your business segment is B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Customers), our solutions enable you to reach more customers, sell more products and efficiently fulfill more orders – across multiple websites.

We create cutting-edge B2B, B2C and ecommerce solutions to help you transact with your customers and suppliers efficiently, approach to the global market and attain higher revenues with managed inventory, invoicing, content management and sales processes. We can help you with setting up your online outlet, creating product catalogues, database management, secure payment gateway integration, order tracking, tax/shipping calculations and much more.

Ecommerce/B2C Solutions India

Ecommerce / B2C Solutions – Our Expertise:

Fullestop has vast experience in setting up online shopping carts, payment gateways and all other types of ecommerce solutions. We helps you to manage your new business as well as your existing business. We can help you to grow across multiple channels, webstores, in-house sales, retail distributors, brick-and-mortar stores and channel partners. Our offerings include:

  • Business to Customer (B2C) E-commerce Solutions
  • Business to Business (B2B) E-commerce Solutions
  • Customer B2C self service portal
  • Ecommerce – connect ANY cart
  • Customer price levels and price lists
  • Sales order management
  • Drop shipping
  • Shipping integration
  • Email contact management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Case management
  • Business reporting

Our Showcase

We have successfully created over thousand's of web/apps on every major Browser, Smartphone/mobile platform and every one of them is unique.
This gives us the confidence to handle your project, regardless of your industry and your requirements. We do not just build an project for you; we help you with the strategy, design, development, testing, deployment and maintenance.

Direct Coins

Directcoins is brand new concept in contemporary-numismatics market area that gives a new hope to by introducing online trading of numismatics for enthusiasts.
Full Case Study


Hello Baby Direct is an ecommerce platform for baby and nursery products based in St Albans, UK and focuses on presenting an efficient e-commerce platform to those who seek to buy high quality baby products from various brands.
Full Case Study


By the means of Health Pavilion, which is a robust ecommerce platform that offers various herbal formulas and therapeutic products developed by Fullestop, Bio Essence International aimed to provide a natural health care to its Audience in a more accessible way.

Todd bender intl

Fullestop was honored to work with such a talent for Todd Bender Website which introduced a new concept for Ecommerce platform. Todd Bender is a Master Instructor for the National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA), trained by the UK's Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (CPSA) and is an Honorary Fellow in England's Institute of Clay Shooting Instructors (ICSI).

Avita jewellery

Fullestop developed an effective ecommerce solution, i.e. is developed keeping in mind the need and main goal, which is to guide the users about buying diamond jewellery.

The Candida Store

Village farm grocery


Tag Safari is a new approach to the trading of safari related clothing that gives safari lovers a platform to buy safari clothing as well as other safari related stuff without having to wander around finding the required stuff.


Harpteck Limited is an online shopping platform for high quality technology electronics consumer goods to the people for personal and professional needs.


Miss Oops is fashion saga website for women that showcase affordable fashion and beauty products online and acts as a proved solution for the beauty dilemmas and fashion faux for women across the globe.


Rock N Shop website is an e-commerce platform which offers exclusive designer apparel and accessories for men and women from the world’s top fashion houses as well as online e-magazine which keeps the readers updated on the rocking fashion trends across the world.

Key features of our solutions:

  1. Webstore and Shopping Cart
    • A full-featured webstore to deliver customers with an intuitive shopping experience
    • Support a wide range of payment methods and multiple currencies
    • Manage multiple webstores and catalog businesses
    • Order tracking through special self-service portals.
  2. Orders and Fulfilment
    • Streamline the complete order-to-shipment process
    • Set up webstore shopping cart orders to trigger all necessary processes
  3. Multiple Business Channels
    • Sell your products through multiple web sites and channels
    • Flow all information into order management, inventory management and customer management system
  4. Customer Self-Service
    • Give each customer a 24/7 access to a password-protected self-service center. The customers may view & track order status, view their purchase history, update their shipping and payment information, request returns and refunds, and much more.
  5. Password-Protected Content
    • Password-protect all or a portion of the site to prevent the unauthorized access
    • Limit who can access your site
    • Restrict your entire site or particular products or pages
  6. Customer Upsell and Cross-Sell
    • Capture your customer information in a single system
    • Maintain customers' purchase and interaction histories to create targeted, personalized upsell and cross-sell campaigns
    • Track how customers use your website and what products they like most

We use most cutting-edge technologies to create a fully-featured B2B/Ecommerce solution for your business. Our developers are highly seasoned with WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal and many other popular ecommerce platforms.


Why Fullestop – Because we deliver:


Our Clients Say

Alert Someone (IPhone App )
“I hired Fullestop to construct a new iPhone app. The app was completed on the date that was originally given. The graphics design was fantastic. The team was very knowledgable of Apple regulations and sought to find solutions when problems arose. To say the least, I am very pleased with their work. I will absolutely have future business for them. ”

Hello Baby
“We have been very pleased with the work delivered to Fullestop. The project was delivered to specification and the team
were very pleasant to work with. ”

Direct Coins
"Overall a great result and very happy with our custom website. We made alot of changes which extended the process and thank the team for their patience. We will use Fullestop on our next project."

Haize Fitness (Android App)
“Great job! I will gladly hire FulleStop again for future projects. They were very competent, professional and attentive in their manner. One of the best levels of communications i've had with an Elance developer. Thank you and keep up the good work!”

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