The Back Story

The website aims to put on display the finest pieces of art work by the best artists around. The website at the utmost required a very awesome viewing experience for the art enthusiasts when they go through the art gallery online. There was no scope for any lagging in terms of the viewing experience whilst the gallery routing.


Within just a navigation span of 4 clicks, the website offers an extensive user journey where they are able to access everything in it. The website is so smooth that there is literally no lagging experience at all and it seems that on any random click there is no page load/refresh even the most 41Tdiminutive41T amount. The gallery browsing is thoroughly significant and no hindrance at all has been allowed to cripple the user interface and experience.
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The challenges pretty much revolved around:
  • The website demanded a no-lag approach applied to every single section of the website.
  • Client and server side data transfer requirements had to be fully contented to evade loading time loading delay in the visual rendering of content and images.
  • The imagery and UI had to be top notch complementing the brand image of our client.


Team Fullestop:

  • Tactfully managed all the requirements and controlled the website navigation skillfully with no loading problems at all.
  • Sought out the most advanced and well sought out coding scripts (with adroit improvisation of jQuery and URL key function) were implemented giving users a no-lag/no-flicker experience throughout.
  • Offered a polished UI for the site as unique as the beautiful portraits exhibited in the art galleries.
  • Rendered for the online brochures a book reading experience in a visually enigmatic fashion.
  • Implemented high quality imagery with a high quality of page rendering focusing on all sections of the website.
  • Cobbled together a step by step execution of images on the website aiding to a non-dazzled view.
  • Installed Varnish pro cache at the server accelerating the reverse caching process, hence allowing the website to be very dynamic and function smoothly avoiding any network interruptions.



The website acts as a gallery hub presenting some of the most appreciated art works of all times. Thus offers the online enthusiasts a treat to watch and experience.

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