The aim was to especially design and developed a convenient online food ordering website which connects people with the best restaurants around them. It will give customers the ability to turn their visits into transactions with integrated online ordering system. The system will allow customers to search for the restaurants via name, cuisine etc., view menu, add items to order online and delivered to their location saving their time. The system will showcase the online menus of the restaurants available in the area provided by the customer and customer can order the food which will be delivered to the desired location. The main emphasis will be placed on attracting customers through time saving services, build customer loyalty , maximise Brand Power and increase revenue through the portal.

It will act as a platform for restaurants to promote their menus across multiple channels and increase the overall number of order by using the portal.


Cunto Online is a system developed and designed by Fullestop to enable business by taking the food orders online and delivered that order to the desired location provided by the customer. Customers can cater to a wide variety of food like Contemporary, Italian, and Lebanese etc.

Some basic features are firmly integrated into the website, like:

  • Search Restaurant by name, Food Type etc.
  • Deal and Discount Section for better user
  • Social Media Integration for brand awareness
  • Newsletter for promotion of deals
  • Blogging Functionality
  • Rating and Review Functionality to assist users in making the right choice
  • User Friendly CMS and Media Gallery.
  • Tweet
  • Share
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Fullestop‘s task was to research best of breed solutions that would meet the client’s needs, determine the best fit solutions and present them with recommended options.

Following are the challenges Fullestop faced while developing Cunto Online:

  • Creating an UI which develop visual flair and interactive features match the goal and vision
  • Detailed understanding of an online system that comprises of all the elements that a distinctively ahead food ordering application should possess.
  • Properly managing the Customer Data and Stock Updates
  • Managing the 3-Tier ordering process.
  • Developing a robust online ordering system


Fullestop has developed a website that offered unusual, high quality services with following characteristics:

  • Simple, fast, and quick solution for Cunto Online having classic & sophisticated looks to match the theme.
  • Offering a user friendly & organized menu display and restaurant listing.
  • Providing the appropriate UI elements for the specific need which the website needed.
  • Quick in operation with fluid transitions
  • Intuitive and minimal, yet an engaging and interactive platform


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