The aim was to especially design a fully functioning live website that builds the communication between the Parents and Teachers of the school for building individual strength of the child. It will act as a system which is safe and secure way to view child’s school records for the current school year and help improve communication about student progress and attendance and allow the school and home to work together more closely to ensure student success.

Customization will be done to make the website more attractive and visually appealing according to the requirements to capture the viewer’s attention. The theme of the website will encourage viewers to explore all that the website will offer.

It will be a co creation platform to give access to parents to real-time information including attendance, grades and assignments etc. for their child. With this system, everyone stays connected: Students stay on top of assignments, parents are able to participate in their child's progress, and teachers can instantly share information from their grade book with parents.


D.S.A.R.S. is a system designed by Fullestop which enables parents to have access to their child’s performance that develops their unique talents. It will be proved a platform for societal aspects of corporate social responsibility. The eye catching imagery and attractive UI compliments the visualization of the website. A professionally-designed theme will be fully customized to match the brand and meet the Client's functional needs.
Fullestop designed and developed a brand new website with the most practical and vivid technology outstanding to the needs of the customers. The objective was achieved by giving attention to most granular details, understanding and realizing the key areas to work on, deploying new technologies to support the idea and committed efforts.
  • Analysis of business needs and Demands: Gathering of functional and non-functional documents and business goals.
  • User interactions designing: UI was prepared and optimized, together with a list of user cases, user tests and final improvements.
  • Technical Analysis and choosing integration pattern: Gathering all specifications of network services and technical infrastructure.
  • Graphic designing: based on the interactive prototypes.
  • Implementation: Based on Word press (CMS).
  • Tests and Release: Run a series of tests and prepared reports on every aspect of the application.
  • Survey and Optimization: A series of analytical surveys to see if business goals are achieved by the system.
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Fullestop‘s task was to research best of breed solutions that would meet the client’s needs, determine the best fit solutions and present them with recommended options.
  • In Depth Demand Analysis: interactive prototypes + screens
  • Developing a robust and fully customized bespoke platform.
  • Providing good user experience without compromising the theme of the website.
  • Extending the functionality by using plug-ins and managing them in a proper way.
  • Integrating the material design to provide a new style, system widgets that set their colour palette, and default animations for touch feedback and activity transitions.


  • Increasing the Brand awareness and visibility worldwide.
  • Developing an Eye catchy look.
  • Open Architecture to support integration
  • Providing a better marketplace place to capture much more business by publicizing the media services on internet.
  • Integrating with application framework.
  • Providing a tool for proper communication among parents and faculties.
  • Integration of Material Design which act as a comprehensive guide for visual, motion, and interaction design across platforms and devices.
  • Integration of Gallery by the school.


  • Simple, fast, and quick solution for D.S.A.R.S having classic & sophisticated looks to match the product theme.
  • Creating a Customized theme which perfectly fit the brand.
  • Offering a user friendly & organized services display
  • Providing the appropriate UI elements for the specific need which the website needed.
  • Quick in operation with fluid transitions
  • Intuitive and minimal, yet an engaging and interactive platform
  • Convey a global presence


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