The main goal of developing the site from scratch was to promote Gourmet Pet on the online platform. The corporate wanted to demonstrate all their products, brands and the quality they provides to be online that would prove them as pioneers in the pet food manufacturers and would act as the catalyst to grow their customers in a short span of time.


The client discovered a fantastic website that incorporated all their needs. The online presence of the corporate is user centric and exhibits their products and services much smoothly. Also the UI designed is a clean, simple and user friendly interface with accurate functionality and fabulous effects. Fullestop fulfilled all the requirements by crafting a well organized website having incredible UI with additional effects that became the point of attraction for customers. This helped a lot to generate new customers for the corporate. Also the site developed became the revenue generation point for the patron and accomplished their dream to become the forefront in their domain.
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  • To create a wonderful website that would have various fabulous effects that would be the center of attraction for pet lovers.
  • To innovate a remarkable UI that could easily demonstrate the company products.
  • To generate curiosity among audience so that they feel interested to know more about the same.
  • Clear use of right branding colors that could easily focus to corporate food products and help them to make it popular.


  • The preliminary stage was to analyze the areas to flaunt the corporate as a brand in pet food products.
  • Fullestop created a well professionally designed, user friendly website with an inimitable UI.
  • Designers incorporated words, pictures, colors and visual effects to create an engaging, modern image for the pets.
  • Fullestop made all of the corporate touch points flow together cohesively to make them as brand image recognizable to customers.
  • Tested the application in various scenarios.


  • The design developed is most appealing, yet simple and structured.
  • Clearly designed navigation with a prominent menu and easy to read, meaningful headings.
  • Well demonstration of corporate products helped out company to make mass customers in short span of time.
  • The social integration helped the website to get popular among social users.


Target Audience

The main target was to motivate the dog or pet lovers worldwide and to divert this traffic to client website.


With excellent site resolution, image manipulation, and landing pages ensured that the site developed will always stay at the forefront of customer-oriented ebusinesses.

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