The purpose of Inviopro app is to provide a marketplace to the consumers where they can find services like plumbing, painting in an easier, quicker, and reliable way. Inviopro intends to serve its users with meaningful search results of what they search for. Consumers can use the app for finding and booking the services they need provided they have an account on the app.

The app targets the smartphone users who want to seek services and vendors and decide whoever fits their need, budget and time. You can find anything here, from domestic help providers, Tiffin centres, health and wellness, event management to the business service providers like architects, interior designers, photographers, etc. Inviopro promises to provide help with the list of eligible vendors and service providers who will suit requirements and budget, with whom consumer can connect, and enjoy their services.


The developed app is a marketplace for easy and quick searching of the various services which the user requires. Users can search for the vendors via keywords, location and categories displayed on the app. Matching of the attributes is then performed with the app database. The matched fields will be contacted and provided in the form of a list to the user. Users can book service providers after viewing their details and availability on the app.

Inviopro makes the tedious process of looking for various services easier, quicker and more reliable. Besides providing eligible professionals for various needs of the users, Inviopro also serves the users with a minimal and simple UI, and an interactive User Experience to make the task of searching even further simpler.

Inviopro has an extensive list of categories of vendor’s/ service providers to help the users with what they are looking for. It even provides the users with the ratings and reviews, to help them find the best in their area.
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  • Making space for inviopro in the vast market of numerous apps.
  • Fullestop had to find a unique way for the finding and listing services on the basis of user specifications.
  • Developing a user friendly interface with nice design and fluid user experience.
  • Working on several optimization techniques to handle the load of data generating every minute which included connecting with so many service providers and professionals at once.
  • Testing the application in various user scenarios.


Fullestop has developed a one stop marketplace that is:

  • Secure in nature with privacy features and ease of use
  • Quick in operation with fluid transitions
  • Perfect for searching services and vendors in a particular area
  • Rating and review system to ensure best service delivery
  • Robust and having a user friendly UI


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