The purpose of Phuck app is to provide a platform to the party lovers to add events with location, invite friends to that and add photos to the event so that all the invitees can view the images and download them as photos are the reflection of the experiences like what drives the users, where they are going, who they love. The Phuck app would be a safe, beautiful home for all the images. Users can protect their photos and memories and give them a place to shine. The app targets the smartphone users who want to capture all their memories in the form of photos and share it with their friend.

The app would be not battery intensive. GPS will not be used when the app is in the background but it will use the triangulation i.e., determine the relative position of the users using the geometry of triangles. The app will use GPS only when it is open on the user’s phone.


The system will provide a platform to users to register/login to the app, add events, invite friends from contact list, categorize & capture them, add photos to the events and all people added in the events will be able to view and download them. Users can also create their profile after registration/login to the app. The app will use the GPS functionality of the device when it is open in the device and will allow to capture photos only at the event location. Location will be determined by the triangulation methodology.

The app will be managed by the admin through web based admin panel. Admin can keep track of all the activities going on the app.
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Following are the challenges Fullestop faced while developing Phuck mobile app:

  • Making space for phuck in the vast market of numerous apps.
  • Updating the location in every second without battery drain
  • Uploading the high resolution images and videos without distortion
  • Customizing default android feature of flipping the selfie image by 180 degrees
  • Sticky notification management for host and invitees
  • Managing the updation of location as per the movement of device from one place to another


Fullestop has developed a real time photo sharing app that is:

  • Secure in nature with privacy features and ease of use
  • Quick in operation with fluid transitions
  • Perfect for sharing and capturing images as per the location or event
  • Robust and having a user friendly UI


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