The Back Story

PoliJAM is a name to reckon with in the field of news accumulation, distribution and publication. With a widespread network, providing reliable and up- to- date information is an absolute yes with them. They employ their stupendous resources to bring a variety of news to their audience. Be it politics, entertainment, business, sports or world , they are committed to keep their readers ahead of the times. No doubt , inquisitive and avid news hunters throng the site daily.

They say ‘change is the only constant in life’. And PoliJAM takes change as a stepping stone for success. Thus, their grasp on the changing world news scenario has prompted them to re- invent themselves from time to time. So came the need to redesign their current site. And this is where Fullestop stepped in as their worthy tech helper.


Fullestop was contracted to redesign the PoliJAM website and Content Management System to enable smooth and effective publication of news. Precisely we were required to:
  • Develop scalable web pages and a user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) which give a professional feel to the website. This had to go in coherence with the brand identity of PoliJAM
  • Develop a robust control panel to add stuff like pages, images , videos, articles and also incorporate relevant changes in color, size, positioning and others in an easy manner.
  • Develop the social media aspects like facebook, twitter, digg in a comprehensible method.
  • Bring in sections like breaking news which use RSS feeds in order to enable automatic syndication of content and publish news almost instantly.
  • Bring in blog features wherein the content is grouped under various headings and the articles posted are linked to the relevant heading.
  • Develop a full fledged tool bar which brings most of the above listed features together and also incorporates features like translate the page, play games and chat.
  • Develop the site in a search engine friendly manner and incorporate search engine optimization.
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The key challenge was to incorporate a multitude of features on the site without disturbing its natural feel and identity. Also, amalgamation of loads of data pouring in with the right placement of it called for high effort.


Fullestop started by getting a deep understanding into the present state of the site. On understanding the key strengths and weaknesses, we proceeded to look at the the most feasible solution for them. We zeroed in on Joomla – an award winning open source content management system with a powerful template system.

  • Easy control panel use, great support for blogging and social media, modules for any kind of content and placement, numerous extensions along with quality support from developers were some of the compelling reasons for us to count on Joomla. All this was available at no cost- why to look any further?
  • Built an intuitive user interface with went well with the actual brand and image of PoliJam. A professional feel and out of the world graphics did wonders.
  • We tested the redesigned site in a number of user cases and eliminated the bugs thereon.


The result exceeded our and client’s expectation!

  • W3C and Web2.0 standard compliant website with professional front-end designs and incorporation of key features as required.
  • Search engine friendly and optimized
  • High Return on investment(ROI)

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