The aim was to especially design a system keeping in view the modern shopper’s busy life style; that are always short on time and high on stress. The system would act as a platform for selling the fantastic range of various types of printing products like mobile covers, pens, pen drives, power banks, clocks for the consumer sector which can be customized to match their imagination online. It will be a co-creation platform to showcase the custom designed printing products which are totally exclusive, authentic and attractive which matches the idea of the customer.

The website will feature images with higher resolution and functional zoom tool that eventually helps to visualize every product in minute details. It even offers in-depth information about the technical specifications of products making it easier for online consumers to choose their desired items easily.

The system will allow the user to browse the product and view their details. It also assists the users to upload the image of the print or choose from various available stylish templates, select the product, add them to the cart and pay for them by different means. In this way, the system should provide the advanced solutions to customers worldwide.


Printland mobile app will be a system designed by Fullestop to enable business by selling the custom printed products online to the customers worldwide. The system would provide different stylish templates to the user for printing them on different products. Users can choose from them or upload an image that they want to be printed on the product. In this way, system will provide users unique products as per their creativity and imagination. It will be proved a platform for societal aspects of corporate social responsibility. The eye catching imagery and attractive UI compliments the visualization of the products.

Fullestop had used cutting-edge technology on this online shopping platform to make it swift for surfing through various product pages. It developed this system to further improve the quality of the products and create a stronger relationship with its customers by implementing an e-commerce system.

Fullestop designed and developed a brand new app with the most practical and vivid e-commerce technology outstanding to the needs of the customers. The objective was achieved by giving attention to most granular details, understanding and realizing the key areas to work on, deploying new technologies to support the idea and committed efforts.
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  • Making space for printland in the vast market of numerous apps.
  • Handling stylish templates and template management of editor image.
  • Double sided preview management
  • Developing a user friendly interface with nice design and fluid user experience.
  • Working on several optimization techniques to handle the load of data generating every minute which included connecting with so many service providers and professionals at once.
  • Testing the application in various user scenarios.


Fullestop has developed a one stop marketplace that is:

  • Secure in nature with privacy features and ease of use
  • Quick in operation with fluid transitions
  • Offering a user friendly & organized product display
  • Easy Payment Processing Network
  • Perfect for customizing the printing products
  • Robust and having a user friendly UI


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