The objective of the website was to facilitate the visitors all over the globe to reach here and give zone helmets as brand touch such that the modular helmets become status symbol for new breeds of today’s era. FulleStop was contracted to develop the site to present Zoan Helmets as a center point for all kind of riders from tourers and sport tourers to dual- sport riders who are adventurers and didn’t want to stop riding long enough to eat and drink.

iPhone / iPad App

Zoan Helmets objective to develop the application for iPhone/iPad was to give users the flexibility to search helmets anytime anywhere. The application main motive was to help users to find best & sporty helmets and comparing their features in totally different way that will be helpful to decide best helmets as according to user requirements.


The web and mobile app presence of Zoan Helmets with name 31Twww.zoanhelmets.ca31T is to focus mainly on presentation of the helmets and giving look and feel of each of the helmets featured a practical approach. The site was to design in such a way which should catch eye of dealers and distributors that are key points of business and create an easily maintainable website that can be updated in-house. The target of the site is to show features of helmets categorized as according to functionality with unique and practical approach. FulleStop accepted the challenge and designed a brand new website with full practical approach and understood the requirements of the client. The objective was achieved by giving attention to challenges, understanding and realizing the key areas to work on, deploying new technologies to support the idea and committed efforts.
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FulleStop took the challenge to develop and design a visual that would announce a milestone in presenting helmet and creating a new concept that would generate interest in visitors and which would result in creating new supporters.

  • We adopted the new technologies suited to design and explore it to give a new brand look.
  • To give site a practical approach was the great challenge which was achieved by presenting helmets in two views i.e. a) 360 view b) Zoom.
  • Increased viral potential through integration of Facebook, Twitter share options.
  • Creating mobile apps for iPhone/iPad and providing them the same functionalities of the site was the key challenge.


  • FulleStop preliminary focus was to plan for the site to present as a brand and to make the mobile app for iPhone/iPad which should give same look and feel.
  • Creating Wireframes each for Website and Mobile apps to take proper idea of client requirement.
  • Adopting all new technologies needed to design, develop and integrate them into one powerful system to present the client needs.
  • Testing all phases in proper manner with giving full attention to client needs.
  • Optimizing the website to promote it on search engines to increase the traffic of the site.


  • Consistent design – The eye catching design of the site was attractive and more than what the client needed.
  • Easy navigation – The website can be easily navigable from one page to another.
  • Fast Uploading
  • Robust, scalable and user friendly.
  • Structured and consistent representation of the Information
  • Seo Friendly website to target new visitors and be top in search engine.
  • FulleStop developed the application to present zoan helmets on iPhone/iPad that facilitated users to compare helmets in unique way and presented zoan Helmets a brand touch.


Target Audience

  • All end users all over the globe.
  • Dealers and distributors.


After facing all challenges with full patience and supporting the client at each and every stage of development, FulleStop accomplished the objective of designing a brand new website and successfully created mobile app for iPhone/iPad.


Excellent work. Very prompt responses. Very satisfied with the final result”

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