The aim of website redesign is to make it more attractive so that it captures viewer’s attention. There was a need for design adjustments to benefit the brand, to improve the end user experience and encourage visitors to spend more time on it.

The goal is to rethink and strategize cinepolis website from marketing perspective. A newly redesigned website will convey a global presence through a unique perspective and bring itself to being notice amongst consumers who may seek the site up-to-date and find attractive designs. The website is one of the most efficient medium to enhance the business.


As cinepolis is the largest operator of luxury cinemas in the world and was the first cinema exhibitor in the world to pioneer the concept of premium and luxury movie theatres so the website should be modern looking with latest flat User Interfaces, sophisticated and classic theme, and graphic centric designs that grabs the viewer’s attention.

The old website lacked a modern user experience and fell flat in representing the brand. The home page should incorporate a good amount of content without making it look cluttered as home page content is a critical lead attraction driver. With an old, flat and stale design it was hard to convince prospects that they offered the luxury cinemas in the world.

So, the client needed a redesigning of their website with a fresh new look to ensure existing customers are kept, and new ones are converted with an amazing design they offer. The redesign should include a way for customers to navigate the website easily and search for the theatres in their city. At the same time, new design should make the website visually appealing and should touch every detail, creating a visually pleasing appearance that doesn’t lose its charm of originality and creativity.
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Following are the challenges faced by Fullestop in the re-design of the Cinepolis website:

  • Developing a design that is better than the previous one along with stepping away from the shortcomings of the previous design.
  • Putting together the new design, without generating mass 404 page not found errors
  • Preventing internal cross-linking of JavaScript or Flash menus
  • Taking care of design conflicts, style anomalies, and CSS corrections.
  • Improving the SEO ranking of the website through redesigning.
  • Stay in the competitive market by capturing newer opportunities.


  • Developing a better and user friendly User Interface, with rich content placing
  • Providing a modern look, with robust functionality.
  • Integrating sliders and other visual tweaks that added to the better marketing of the website.
  • Designing without hampering search engine rankings.

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