The corporate was a well known server managed hosting company coveted to create an inimitable hosting solution that would provide an entire suite of services ranging from basic server administration support to specialized business continuity and custom solutions to fit the client business needs, technical expertise or experience and budget. The client was in need of a well managed backend from where admin would have credentials to manage the server hosting, customer management and all such stuffs required to make it a proper platform to supervise all services provided by the online solution.


The site developed is gratifying the client needs and is managing hosting solutions to provide affordable windows, Linux, BSD dedicated servers as well as virtual private servers (VPS). Dedicated firewall, Load Balancers, managed corporate email domains, off-site disaster recovery solutions are some of the services offered here. The current site is innovated to manage dedicated servers that can be customizable to suit almost any client needs. Also the site offers both telephone and online live chat support as well as email support. Fullestop innovated a powerful, scalable, hosted platform for its client that offers stability, unsurpassed flexibility and cost – effective services. Our Team created a dedicated hosting server solution that had the capacity to host servers of several thousand users, their domains and all such usage required for it. Its straight forward administration panel is totally customized to manage the server hosting created by various users and the whole services related to it such as Invoice details, Support, Sales, Backup Servers etc. We added the third party tool for providing technical support for the users i.e. SightMax. Also the current site is embedded with a variety of packages (i.e. value series, power series, extreme series) for their customers to purchase different servers i.e. Dedicated Servers, bundled servers, VPS servers, cloud Servers etc.
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To design a dais that would provide various end to end solutions to manage servers & network hardware services and other relevant features that would satisfy the client needs Fullestop countered some limited challenges which are as follows:

  • Since the concept to develop the site for managing dedicated servers was totally new for us. Thus to analyze the whole requirements to make it an efficient website was a prime challenge.
  • To develop a custom admin panel of administrators that would manage the overall services provided to customers (i.e. Managing Services, Managing security services to clients, creating servers for clients, invoice management, Tech Support executives management etc.).
  • To craft a corporate design that would be dynamic, visually appealing and more sophisticated to have a clear navigation.
  • To utilize the advanced technologies that would create a well managed upgradable website.
  • To provide an outsourced solution that includes server hardware, software, security, bandwidth and 24x7x365 system administration.


Fullestop team developed the whole system by implementing various strategies step by step which are as follows:

  • A very strict schedule has to be put in place to organize the project in different phases to meet the deadlines.
  • Business meetings were held at different levels to define scope to analyze the client requirements.
  • Designers created a fantastic UI that touched the professional look and feel of the website.
  • Development phase was the most critical phase where developers innovated new logics to create new functionalities to develop a well-managed hosting solution.
  • To develop the backend panel and correlate its functionalities (such as server management, security services management, user management, load balancing solutions and etc) with frontend was one of the most hectic jobs faced by developers.
  • To embed the payment gateway system for purchasing various packages.
  • To create a secure, encrypted VPN connectivity for remote access and to provide security services.
  • To add a free 24/7 support, live chat and ticketing system with onsite support staff by using third party tool i.e. SightMax.
  • Created well defined site architecture that would facilitate their customers to easily navigate the road map.


  • The website created in PHP (JOOMLA), adhering to the CSS styles met all the requirements of the client.
  • It was very user-friendly for users to manage their server details through their control panel.
  • Admin panel developed was totally customized and was easily manageable for admin to control the huge server details and various functionalities relevant to it.
  • With the facilities provided in this website, the client could enhance his business manifold.
  • The company is easily able to manage various clients’ servers and its hosting through their data centers in an appropriate way.


Target Audience

The site developed was focused to all end users and was not targeted to specific mass.


The current website of NetrackServer is among one of the paramount corporate providing dedicated hosting server solutions and is achieving great heights day by day due to its incredible features. This platform has become the money making business for the client side and is helping them a lot to achieve their objectives.

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