The main focus is on creating such a forum and community, which tends to impart instant information on the multifarious options available to the people for available spaces around them. Emphasis is on providing location wise knowledge pertaining to free and available spaces to the user in accordance with the postulated cost and distance. This work amounts to a great deal of help in ending the excruciating pursuit of the users in order to obtain a repository to safeguard their stuff.

Thus, the developed application is fully equipped with splendid skills and techniques required to deliver accurate information to the users regarding the availability of hospitable spaces.


Spaceble is a paradise for the people who are interested in the commercial exploitation of their properties. To put in a nut shell, ‘Spaceble’ apart from listing the free spaces also permits a proper communication between the lender and the tenant and vice versa. Spaceble is a peer-to-peer marketplace to help people who are seeking storage space and those who have spare space to lease out. In short, the website provides a platform to Find & Connect. The application works on the simple yet lucrative concept of ‘give and take’ where a person gives storage space for rent and the seeker rents the space. The site provides an easy mode of interaction among people where they could decide on issues regarding the location, duration and price of the space.

“Fullestop” put in the most competent skills and methodologies to end the searching expedition of the people. Team Fullestop keenly observed and identified each and every aspect to develop a dais for the application so as to make this experience real and relishing for the users. We emphasized on the broadcasting of information to the users pertaining to their requirements and to establish a friendly communication between the lender and the tenant. This proved to be very beneficial for the users of the site as the primary problems obstacles including:
  • Location
  • Distance
  • Price

Were exceptionally sorted out by Fullestop.
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The idea and notion of ‘Spaceble’ as a whole was at first perceived to be light and simple, but as Team Fullestop proceeded bit by bit, it was realized and noticed that remarkable methodologies had to be incorporated to make this venture a success.

The website consists of information and data pertaining to the various tenant accounts, lender accounts, locations and places. As a result, backend created was discerned to be very bulky and voluminous. In order to maintain the integrity of the site it was necessary to administer the website in such a way that the complex backend would not be revealed to the user. Hence, the key challenge was to design the UI of the website incorporating numerous different approaches mandatory for the system, displaying them in an uncomplicated way so that the website should look simple & easily readable. Fullestop had to look at creative and unique ways to optimize code and UI of the website so as to present a unique combination extremely desirable for “SPACEBLE”.

The next challenge was to provide a great navigation to allow visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for, much more quickly, easily and dynamically.

The next major challenge was to challenge the other competitors in the market hence; we needed to increase our connectivity with consumers by implementing various advertising skills. It had to be built through all possible media.

Another challenge was to provide facilitation to the users to buy stamp credits online 24 x 7.


By properly prioritizing the strategies as per requirement feasibility, Fullestop successfully achieved the objectives of the client by giving attention to challenges, understanding and realizing the key areas to work on, deploying best technologies to support the idea and committed efforts. The result was extremely fast loading website, dependable operations and provided an extremely aesthetic look and feel.

  • Advanced optimization techniques were deployed and incorporated with highly refined code and database tricks to achieve a high performance dais for the website.
  • Team Fullestop worked on several optimization techniques to handle the load of data generating every minute which included distributed memory object caching system to speed up the web application by alleviating database load.
  • The information displayed on the website was managed in such an uncomplicated way that lead to a non rummaged appearance along with a lustrous look and feel to the users.
  • Team Fullestop adopted the popular design patterns and selected the open source applications that supported the level of reliability and quality.
  • The whole application was visual demonstrated using HTML design or Photoshop PSD format and each step was outlined by a click through step-by-step approach. This allowed mapping of workflows and requirements.
  • The most persistent feature of the application was to assist the users to find places around them within a particular range. For this the architecture interface was devised efficiently. This helped visitors to access the website without disruption.
  • Develop a comprehensive system architecture that supports scalability, robustness and high performance.
  • Develop site features to facilitate multi level menu system and multi user content creation.
  • Regular checks were made on the client’s suggestions to integrate the proper iterations and modifications.
  • Design the architecture to support SEO.


Fullestop successfully achieved the objectives of the client by giving attention to challenges, understanding and realizing the key areas to work on, deploying best technologies to support the idea and committed efforts. The result was extremely fast loading website, dependable operations and aesthetic and sentient feel apart from being receptive and responsive.

  • The site was embedded with the most advanced optimization techniques and the most contemporary database technology.
  • The site came out to be amazingly efficient as the most reliable and robust were integrated to enhance the integrity as a whole.
  • The Information search for the target segment becomes easier as the new differentiation features are seamlessly communicated and skillfully executed.
  • High performance application that supported both scalability and robustness
  • Structured and consistent representation of information
  • User-friendliness and ease of operations
  • Good performance and quick page load
  • Reliable operations with precision
  • Integration of best technologies
  • Consistent user experience
  • Attractive theme and styling
  • High ROI


Target Audience

This website fundamentally intends to develop an approach so as to provide the citizens of Australia with the facility to Find & Connect with the best deals around in terms of lending and renting space.


Fullestop conducted a global search and integrated a wide range of services varying from design to the development scope. These efforts established ‘Spaceble’ as a widely utilized phenomenon with a strong dominance over the market.

Acknowledgement by our patron

On the finishing note, our clients ‘Mr. Johnny Chamaki and Mr. Franki Chamaki’ remarked- “Hello. Just let to say Fullestop and the team have been EXCELLENT. They completed a peer to peer market place with ecommerce and found them to be very professional, excellent technical skills and communication. Well done team for bringing our dreams to a reality. HIGHLY recommend and happy to provide reference. Thank you Manish and the team once again”

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